ladyelfsnapshots: June Colorado Sky
ladyelfsnapshots: Rural Sunday sunrise
ladyelfsnapshots: Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.
ladyelfsnapshots: Sunset Barn
ladyelfsnapshots: May Storm
ladyelfsnapshots: Abandoned Sunrise
ladyelfsnapshots: Autumn sunset in the Oklahoma panhandle
ladyelfsnapshots: Sunrise and Dead Flowers
ladyelfsnapshots: Cattle Silhouette Sunrise
ladyelfsnapshots: Sunrise in the Country
ladyelfsnapshots: Milk Barn Sunrise Reflection
ladyelfsnapshots: Oklahoma Farm Sunset
ladyelfsnapshots: Windy Sunrise
ladyelfsnapshots: Windmill Sunset Reflection
ladyelfsnapshots: Colorful Skies
ladyelfsnapshots: Summer Windmill Sunset
ladyelfsnapshots: Lake Summer Sunset
ladyelfsnapshots: Those Clouds!
ladyelfsnapshots: Double Rainbow
ladyelfsnapshots: Golden Sunset
ladyelfsnapshots: November Sunset
ladyelfsnapshots: Colorful Sunset
ladyelfsnapshots: Sunset Gleaner
ladyelfsnapshots: Sunset on the WMA
ladyelfsnapshots: Windmill Christmas Morning
ladyelfsnapshots: Winter Windmill
ladyelfsnapshots: Sun Flare Windmill
ladyelfsnapshots: On Skipper Pond
ladyelfsnapshots: January Lake Sunset
ladyelfsnapshots: Rural Farm Sunrise