kristin009: "Knocking at the Door" (4) - The Lord Is Knocking at the Door: Can You Recognize His Voice? (1)
kristin009: All Things Exist Under the Authority of the Creator
kristin009: "Praise the New Life"
kristin009: "God’s Realness and Loveliness"
kristin009: Can We Be Raptured Into the Kingdom of Heaven After Accepting Redemption From Lord Jesus?
kristin009: The Kingdom Descends on the World
kristin009: Why Is the World So Dark and Evil?
kristin009: Exposing the Truth of the Pharisees' Resistance to God
kristin009: Only Those Who Follow God's Will Are Able to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven
kristin009: Is There a Basis in the Bible for the Lord's Return Through Incarnation?
kristin009: How God Rules Over All Things
kristin009: Without God’s Salvation, I Would Not Be Here Today
kristin009: Under the Authority of the Creator, All Things Are Perfect
kristin009: How Will the Lord Appear to Man When He Comes Again?
kristin009: Why Do the Pharisees Oppose God?
kristin009: Why Does Mankind Defy God?
kristin009: Who Is It That Bestows the Way of Eternal Life Upon Man?
kristin009: Is Obedience to Pastors and Elders the Same as Obedience to God?
kristin009: How does God rule over and administer the entire universe world?
kristin009: A Wandering Heart Comes Home
kristin009: Is Interpreting the Bible the Same as Exalting and Bearing Witness for God?
kristin009: Christ's Kingdom Is Realized Among Men
kristin009: Who Will Be Raptured First When the Lord Comes?
kristin009: The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything
kristin009: Praise and Worship the Return of God | "Gospel Choir 19th Performance"
kristin009: Only the Perfected Can Live a Meaningful Life
kristin009: The Result Achieved by Knowing God
kristin009: What are the essential differences between being saved and attaining full salvation?
kristin009: My Father, the Pastor
kristin009: I’ve Finally Beheld God