juliemarie.stollery: Ewe and Lambs
juliemarie.stollery: Magnolia Tree
juliemarie.stollery: Slater Bridge
juliemarie.stollery: Bee on Willow
juliemarie.stollery: Dramatic Sky
juliemarie.stollery: Pied Wagtail
juliemarie.stollery: Coutances Cathedral
juliemarie.stollery: Pair of Mute Swans
juliemarie.stollery: Bunch of Daffodils
juliemarie.stollery: Single Daffodil
juliemarie.stollery: Red Deer Hind
juliemarie.stollery: Male Mandarin
juliemarie.stollery: Bellis Galaxy Daisy
juliemarie.stollery: Evening Light at Bolton Abbey
juliemarie.stollery: Sunset at Bolton Abbey
juliemarie.stollery: Cat Portrait
juliemarie.stollery: Purple Crocuses
juliemarie.stollery: Winterscene
juliemarie.stollery: Sheep in Snow
juliemarie.stollery: A Long-tailed Tit
juliemarie.stollery: Little Langdale