M'roy: sighted @ singapore chinatown
M'roy: IMG_0101
M'roy: beautiful temple @ singapore chinatown
M'roy: Merlion
M'roy: Nice facade
M'roy: Space is not a problem @ Changi T3
M'roy: Are we on time?
M'roy: Walking the lenght of Changi is an exercise
M'roy: Exploring Changi
M'roy: Departure Area, we must be leaving.
M'roy: lovely design
M'roy: I love Singapore Airlines, two thumbs up!!!!
M'roy: natural plants and koi inside the airport
M'roy: Singapore river cruise
M'roy: Fountain of Wealth, Suntec City
M'roy: Charming colored houses
M'roy: Jump!
M'roy: Under the bridge
M'roy: Singapore River
M'roy: More shot
M'roy: We're on our way
M'roy: Singapore Flyer from the tour bus
M'roy: IMG_0086
M'roy: IMG_0270
M'roy: View from Sentosa gondola ride
M'roy: Changi Airport
M'roy: sentosa collage
M'roy: DSCF0007
M'roy: IMG_0251
M'roy: IMG_0253