JacLine Hein: *** Star ***
PATRICE OUELLET: A song for the EARTH (Une chanson pour la Terre) copie
PATRICE OUELLET: The vital Odyssey (L'Odyssée vitale)F
PATRICE OUELLET: Never stop playing (Ne cessons jamais de jouer) copie
_salomax: St. Coloman
Gord Sawyer: Evening Grosbeaks
richard_morel: Chouette lapone / Great gray Owl
10000 wishes: Not the happiest
dog ma: The Standout
dog ma: A gift from God
dog ma: The best spot in the house
micke.vmix: Source of joy
nigel1w1: Head Portrait These little guy’s & gal’s are a joy to photograph & funny to watch & this little beauty could melt your heart ..
Zara Calista: Wednesday Morning I
JensLPZ: all by oneself in Sächsische Schweiz: Sunset · · · (R5B_2551)
Fotagi: ...
pomian31: between the grasses in the meadow.....
jlst2i: Keeping watch over her feeder
trochford: Farmhouse kitchen
Sandra Bartocha: the lightness of summer
Sandra Bartocha: lines ...
Sandra Bartocha: alive in late summer textures
Sandra Bartocha: glowing in the dark ...
Sandra Bartocha: sanctuary
Sandra Bartocha: I feel as though summer has just started and still … it’s over already …
donlope1: Couleur rouge
Pictures, words, whatever...: Cheeseboard plus.