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Juan Rosique: Kingfisher
Ana Mendes do Carmo: Grifo / Gyps fulvus
Beatriz-c: I don't die every night to make you cry, but to bring you new illusions every dawn
Beatriz-c: The light, that sweet chain that captures our dreams.
Beatriz-c: It is easy to maintain the balance if the winds that blow around you have good intentions
Beatriz-c: I know where I want to go ... my dreams are like rock castles in a world of sand
Beatriz-c: Between lights and shadows fairy tales sprout from.
Beatriz-c: The world builder
Beatriz-c: Observing a photograph of the sea is like looking at a ship in a glass bottle, it does not come close to reality, but it offers us a framework with which to dream
Beatriz-c: In these times I try to avoid the poison and wait for sweet moments
Beatriz-c: And when the sea sings to me, the sirens voices are silent
Beatriz-c: Light hurts those who move in the shadows and discover their movements
Beatriz-c: An here we are again, you and me, dreaming of a better world
Beatriz-c: The light paints with the heartl_corazon_flickr_info
Beatriz-c: It is not part of my nature to create spiderwebs
Beatriz-c: The Sun gives us a thousand sunsets even knowing that he will never see one
Beatriz-c: With this kiss arises the magic from which honey is born
Beatriz-c: Silence is the only answer I have to the questions that the universe proposes to me because its beauty makes me mute
Beatriz-c: I have come to appreciate the idea that the nature that surrounds us looks so beautiful because the light of a star illuminates it
Beatriz-c: We try to learn to converse with the light because she draws with the colors of our heart
Beatriz-c: Wait a few minutes ... patience, the mystery will be revealed soon ... the adventure is in the light