chumaroza_planet: Light of the Orthodox Faith
chumaroza_planet: Bell tower of the Assumption Cathedral of Vladimir
chumaroza_planet: Stone carving of the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir
chumaroza_planet: This beauty is for the Glory of the Lord!
chumaroza_planet: Vladimir. Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 12th century
chumaroza_planet: Christ in Glory. Fresco by Andrei Rublev in the Assumption Cathedral of Vladimir
chumaroza_planet: Walking around Vladimir, I immerse myself in antiquity and history
chumaroza_planet: Vladimir. In the Patriarchal Garden
chumaroza_planet: Vladimir. View of the Assumption Cathedral
chumaroza_planet: Kolomenskoye. Church of the Beheading of John the Baptist in Dyakovo
chumaroza_planet: Pleasant evening walk to Moscow State University
chumaroza_planet: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The sun always shines behind the clouds.
chumaroza_planet: Walk along Pushkinskaya Embankment
chumaroza_planet: Personality scale
chumaroza_planet: Under the bridge
chumaroza_planet: Summer evening relaxation
chumaroza_planet: Under the Bolshoi Ustinsky Bridge
chumaroza_planet: Why do we need a bridge if it doesn't lead to the Temple?
chumaroza_planet: The Sphere
chumaroza_planet: Russian Dnieper River at the foot of the Rostral Column
chumaroza_planet: "In this city there are more lions than inhabitants"
chumaroza_planet: Neva River before Navy Day
chumaroza_planet: St. Petersburg Art Nouveau in all its glory
chumaroza_planet: Deserted street
chumaroza_planet: Somewhere on Vasilyevsky Island
chumaroza_planet: It's a sunny day!
chumaroza_planet: there is a window on the dark black back staircase...
chumaroza_planet: House in a Large Cossack lane
chumaroza_planet: Living skin of the city
chumaroza_planet: Static and calm