chumaroza_planet: Look! I'm here.
chumaroza_planet: Evening light
chumaroza_planet: In the golden hour
chumaroza_planet: Oak bathes in the rays of the evening summer sun
chumaroza_planet: The old pond where lilies bloom
chumaroza_planet: Summer flowers
chumaroza_planet: Bird canteen
chumaroza_planet: Sunflower - a symbol of gratitude
chumaroza_planet: Beautiful shadows
chumaroza_planet: Inspired by beauty
chumaroza_planet: Summer in Pavlovsk. Birches are everywhere
chumaroza_planet: Fortress Old Ladoga
chumaroza_planet: Old Ladoga. A fresco in the Church of the Holy Great Martyr George. 12th century
chumaroza_planet: Fortress Old Ladoga. Portrait in the shade
chumaroza_planet: Museum "Road of Life". Airplane-monument Li-2
chumaroza_planet: Memorial "Broken ring of the Blockade"
chumaroza_planet: Fortress Old Ladoga. View from the Strelochnaya Tower
chumaroza_planet: Old Ladoga. Church of st. George. 12th century.
chumaroza_planet: Abandoned cottage
chumaroza_planet: Fortress Oreshek. The wounds of a long past war
chumaroza_planet: Fortress Oreshek. Royal Tower.
chumaroza_planet: Ladoga lake. Sunny and windy
chumaroza_planet: The result of everything (nature conquers)
chumaroza_planet: The new dominant of St. Petersburg (focusing on flowers)
chumaroza_planet: Trubetskoy Bastion of the Peter and Paul Fortress.
chumaroza_planet: City of Peter, you are guarded by the Angel of the Lord. Град Петров, храним ты Ангелом Господним.
chumaroza_planet: The City above the free Neva (Walking boat)
chumaroza_planet: Young photographer