chumaroza_planet: Fortress Karela
chumaroza_planet: The Rapids and cascades
chumaroza_planet: Stormy waters
chumaroza_planet: Forest river
chumaroza_planet: Karelian forest
chumaroza_planet: The elusive line between northern summer and autumn
chumaroza_planet: Karelian sketch
chumaroza_planet: First thoughts about autumn
chumaroza_planet: Ruskeala gull
chumaroza_planet: After rain
chumaroza_planet: Ruskeala. Grand Marble Canyon.
chumaroza_planet: Old woman Louhi - mistress of Pohyala
chumaroza_planet: Kizhi pogost. Church of the Transfiguration
chumaroza_planet: Gold on blue ("Золото на голубом...")
chumaroza_planet: Silver of my Lord ("Серебро Господа моего")
chumaroza_planet: Kizhi. Churchyard wall
chumaroza_planet: Kizhi. Life on the island
chumaroza_planet: Kizhi. In the old chapel
chumaroza_planet: Kizhi. Classic tourist photo
chumaroza_planet: Northern Russia
chumaroza_planet: Pastoral landscape
chumaroza_planet: Kizhi. Belfry and Church of the Transfiguration
chumaroza_planet: The Land where trees grow on the rocks
chumaroza_planet: That feeling when a waterfall first appeared through the trees
chumaroza_planet: We have nothing to lose but our chains
chumaroza_planet: Waterfall Kivach
chumaroza_planet: Over stormy waters
chumaroza_planet: Harsh Karelian nature
chumaroza_planet: At the Kivach waterfall
chumaroza_planet: Karelian rocks 2