Bluescruiser1949: New Orleans, Louisiana
Bluescruiser1949: two man drum kit
Bluescruiser1949: Rob's girl (Bambi)
Bluescruiser1949: long passed help
Bluescruiser1949: art in Santa Fe garden
Bluescruiser1949: floating balls
Bluescruiser1949: Dinosaur lifelike
Bluescruiser1949: Tyrell Museum
Bluescruiser1949: when T Rex ruled the Earth
Bluescruiser1949: 1985 when film was King
Bluescruiser1949: San Telmo, Buenos Aires
Bluescruiser1949: Walter Trout in concert
Bluescruiser1949: Norval Morrisette
Bluescruiser1949: theatre back door
Bluescruiser1949: Buenos Aires
Bluescruiser1949: San Telmo market, Buenos Aires
Bluescruiser1949: The nurse's shoe 1945 was the size of a small dog house. The whole photographic ready version of that famous kiss, "the nurse & the sailor in Times Square " is represented in bronze at about 10 times the size of the average human.
Bluescruiser1949: Is it art?
Bluescruiser1949: two dummies meditating
Bluescruiser1949: circus art
Bluescruiser1949: The New Orleans Restoration Blues Band. (colour version)
Bluescruiser1949: come on in
Bluescruiser1949: Art Deco fireplace
Bluescruiser1949: National Art Gallery ceiling
Bluescruiser1949: one night a year
Bluescruiser1949: ultra sun block, 1986