iwona.kilichowska: I've drunk too much....milk
iwona.kilichowska: I'm watching you...
iwona.kilichowska: I think....I see today's dinner outside
iwona.kilichowska: .....can't stand this music!
iwona.kilichowska: What cat? I'm a mouse...today
iwona.kilichowska: What's the point of living if you can't feel alive ;)
iwona.kilichowska: Can I have my toy...please
iwona.kilichowska: I love lazy mondays :)
iwona.kilichowska: ...out of the dark ;)
iwona.kilichowska: looking out the window
iwona.kilichowska: my puma 😁
iwona.kilichowska: Where is my food?
iwona.kilichowska: the storyteller ;)
iwona.kilichowska: my assistant :)