He Ro: Reflection of St. Mary's Lighthouse (in explore)
He Ro: The Pilgrim's Way at dawn
He Ro: Last sunlight on Dunstanburgh castle
He Ro: Castle on a hill
He Ro: Bamburgh Lighthouse
He Ro: I am my Silence
He Ro: Bamburgh Castle at sunset
He Ro: Storm light at St Mary's Lighthouse
He Ro: Sand structures lit by the first morning sunlight
He Ro: When water meets rock (in explore)
He Ro: 'Light painting' with Mother Nature
He Ro: Afterglow
He Ro: Ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle
He Ro: Boat on Holy Island
He Ro: Wave dreams
He Ro: Bamburgh Castle
He Ro: A date with Charley
He Ro: Coloured sunset at Embleton Beach
He Ro: Rock detail at Harckness rocks
He Ro: Blue hour at St Mary's Lighthouse
He Ro: Light and Shadow
He Ro: Amble Pier Lighthouse
He Ro: Bamburgh Castle bathed in golden light
He Ro: Low tide at St Mary's Lighthouse
He Ro: Blyth beach groyne
He Ro: Backwash
He Ro: Lindisfarne Priory
He Ro: Simply reflections
He Ro: For the love of the Sea
He Ro: Evening at Embleton Bay