ulla.smidt-berner: In the kingdom of fairies and elves
ulla.smidt-berner: The best of two worlds
ulla.smidt-berner: Goldblau / Goldenblue
ulla.smidt-berner: Cracked, fixed - but I can still carry my little light
ulla.smidt-berner: Cracked, but still ready to burn
ulla.smidt-berner: Welcome Cracks - 'hohohooo...'πŸŽ…
ulla.smidt-berner: With Cracks, but smiling
ulla.smidt-berner: Wo die Fische den Lift nehmen / Here the fish can take the lift πŸ’™ HSS
ulla.smidt-berner: Seeleuchten / There's a light
ulla.smidt-berner: Farbenrausch / A Blaze of colours
ulla.smidt-berner: Alone time for new energy
ulla.smidt-berner: Lightpainting the bridge
ulla.smidt-berner: Why not rest for a while and just breathe and look πŸ‚πŸπŸ‚
ulla.smidt-berner: Bubbles °°°°°°°
ulla.smidt-berner: Bubble Festival
ulla.smidt-berner: Dreaming Orange
ulla.smidt-berner: There are stories in reflections
ulla.smidt-berner: Scheue Schönheiten auf Brautschau / Lake beauties in their dating games
ulla.smidt-berner: Organic vibrations
ulla.smidt-berner: Vodka Zero
ulla.smidt-berner: Crawlers 'in orbit'
ulla.smidt-berner: Herbstlicher Schlussakkord πŸŽΆπŸ‚πŸŽΆ (lake patterns #3)
ulla.smidt-berner: Stirred not shaken (Lake patterns #2)
ulla.smidt-berner: Lake patterns
ulla.smidt-berner: Vintage pendant
ulla.smidt-berner: My Granny was Gold (Vintage Frame)
ulla.smidt-berner: Art reflecting life
ulla.smidt-berner: Light and shadow
ulla.smidt-berner: Autumn chorus