(Gary Fitzgerald): The work of an insect
(Gary Fitzgerald): Razor handle
(Gary Fitzgerald): IMG_5432 f/5.6
(Gary Fitzgerald): When you have little else to do to discover more
(Gary Fitzgerald): Shining light on silver
(Gary Fitzgerald): Forking around
(Gary Fitzgerald): Flying Insect
(Gary Fitzgerald): Paint on my windowsill
(Gary Fitzgerald): Retired:Out of order
(Gary Fitzgerald): Quarantine
(Gary Fitzgerald): Wolf spider appears in my garden
(Gary Fitzgerald): Silhouette February 2020
(Gary Fitzgerald): On the wrong side of the fence
(Gary Fitzgerald): On after dark
(Gary Fitzgerald): bubbles and green stuff
(Gary Fitzgerald): Sunny spring day
(Gary Fitzgerald): Hungry eyes
(Gary Fitzgerald): Into the west
(Gary Fitzgerald): The Dreaded Eye
(Gary Fitzgerald): Rainy pattern
(Gary Fitzgerald): I know a place