OB 4: Hello
OB 4: Some Repair Needed
OB 4: Turning Away
OB 4: Really Close
OB 4: European Widgeon is Still Around
OB 4: Curious and Friendly
OB 4: Hola
OB 4: Locked Garage Doors or Not
OB 4: Locked Garage Doors ..or Not
OB 4: Early Advertising
OB 4: Armendaris Ranch-Chihuahan Desert
OB 4: Lichen Garden
OB 4: Lady in the Window
OB 4: Two Ladders to the Top
OB 4: Male Gambles Quail
OB 4: Ye Olde Lantern, or maybe not
OB 4: Searching
OB 4: Once a Treasure, Now Not So Much
OB 4: Crow
OB 4: The Roadrunner Stretch
OB 4: Stellars Jay Looking
OB 4: Snow Goose Pair
OB 4: No Comment Needed or Given
OB 4: Just Passing By
OB 4: Widgeon on the Rise
OB 4: One is interested, One is Not
OB 4: Flying Solo
OB 4: Anticipation
OB 4: Another Floral Beauty
OB 4: A Star Spangled Like Event