paullangton: They can't see me now !
paullangton: No time to waste
paullangton: Thunderbolts and lightning - very very frightening
paullangton: Blackbird
paullangton: More Bluebells
paullangton: Finley
paullangton: Sandy seal
paullangton: Grey seal
paullangton: Narrowboat
paullangton: Light at the end
paullangton: Finley
paullangton: And it was all yellow ,explore 19/7/20
paullangton: Nesting
paullangton: Silhouette
paullangton: Llyn mymbyr
paullangton: A summers day
paullangton: Golden brown
paullangton: I can see you
paullangton: Against the flow
paullangton: This way
paullangton: Snowdonia, Explore 2/7/20
paullangton: Changeable
paullangton: Oh i do like to be beside the seaside
paullangton: Social distancing
paullangton: Motherly love
paullangton: My secret view
paullangton: Bluebell wood
paullangton: Bluebell