roger901: Thoughts
roger901: A lifetime of fun
roger901: The grandeur
roger901: Maybe this human doesn't understand "Take me to your leader?"
roger901: young and alive
roger901: the wife says I should lose a few pounds...wait...did you hear that?
roger901: young girl with pink sweater
roger901: girl with blue stocking cap
roger901: girl at aquarium
roger901: New addition to the show
roger901: "Should we pull him up now?" "Naw...let him hang awhile."
roger901: assembly-line for the war effort
roger901: Allan, Elizabeth
roger901: Jaunty gold miner's hat
roger901: Sexy knight
roger901: In shape
roger901: A little too much bubbly.
roger901: A fur makes the woman...
roger901: Mother and child #2
roger901: Mother and child
roger901: Dancing Eyeballs
roger901: Lady Liberty
roger901: Speechless
roger901: Classic
roger901: "I guess lunch is over"
roger901: Kayla
roger901: National "Kick the Pickle" Day
roger901: Batman (in his 80's)
roger901: "I'm going to need more water to get this down!"
roger901: My girls sometimes try to sneak out...