knuHans: Gray summer II
knuHans: Green and some black
knuHans: Everything is connected
knuHans: Yes and No/Light and Darkness/Day and Night/Life and Death/…but what is in between?
knuHans: Stone and water
knuHans: DSC01694
knuHans: Grey summer
knuHans: A Former Banana
knuHans: The Field
knuHans: 171BW-2021-05-0004
knuHans: Ever so lightly
knuHans: blaaveis
knuHans: Hardanger
knuHans: _IMG3119
knuHans: All that was
knuHans: IMGP1481
knuHans: If dogs run free...
knuHans: Ark087_1984_0007
knuHans: The Suitcase
knuHans: Ark175_2020_0009
knuHans: 085BW_1983_0012
knuHans: American Democracy
knuHans: _IMG2944
knuHans: 045BW_1979_2020_12_0005
knuHans: On an island (1979)
knuHans: Ice (1979)
knuHans: Lines in Time II, 1978
knuHans: Lines in Time I, 1978