sebr: Dancing
adamba100: Chinese performers, young kids
philip_pulle: Lenny looking for a treat
TC Ritchie: Dawn on a chilly day at Sydney’s Botany Bay.
TC Ritchie: While (sadly) greater Sydney may be in COVID lockdown, I’m still permitted to exercise, so cycling around is ok. I took this shot of Kirribilli apartments from the harbour forecourt of the Opera House. Beautiful dawn hues on a cold morning.
TC Ritchie: Wharf, House and low clouds - a classic 5am Sydney scene.
100Watt-Birne: Toyota Supra Mk IV
quan122: Sydney Opera House
nick zadeh: _IR56844 (2)
ianinosaka: light-trails-4
martin.wgnr: Rolls Royce Phantom
zirano: Emirates
John A Henderson: Storm over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney
idparkinson: Sebastian Coe
shellyrocks2: Caster Chris Strople
shellyrocks2: Caster Chris Strople
tconelly: Abiquiu, New Mexico
Simon_sees: Spit Junction 1964
coyanis64: Ford Thunderbird