FraConti84: Surprise
FraConti84: Under the Umbrella
FraConti84: Street Artist
FraConti84: Angry Eyes
FraConti84: Man + Leaves
FraConti84: Spotted !
FraConti84: At Work
FraConti84: Roberto
FraConti84: Fatigue
FraConti84: Cold Hands
FraConti84: Tribute to Renato Sellani 2
FraConti84: Tribute to Renato Sellani 1
FraConti84: A Face Behind Bars
FraConti84: Francesco
FraConti84: Blurry Nun
FraConti84: Perplexity
FraConti84: Entering the Mosque
FraConti84: Big Eyes
FraConti84: Posing
FraConti84: Old and Abandoned
FraConti84: Footprints on the sand
FraConti84: Andrea in concert
FraConti84: Dog-shaped Trunk
FraConti84: Sur la Plage Déserte
FraConti84: Smoking Break
FraConti84: Pin-Up Girl (Detail)
FraConti84: Being caught in the act...
FraConti84: Columns, Shadows and a Bottle
FraConti84: What's the right setting...?