rsnelson45: Moon and Snow Clouds
rsnelson45: Full Moon
rsnelson45: Peony or Satellite Dish
rsnelson45: Shoots-n-purple
rsnelson45: I've fallen over and I can't get up
rsnelson45: Sunday is Floral Day
rsnelson45: Bugling Bull
rsnelson45: White and Pink Gurb Take 2.0
rsnelson45: Peony Flying Apart
rsnelson45: Ice Fog in Snowy Edmonton
rsnelson45: Miniature Iris all alone
rsnelson45: Female Anna's Hummer (Calypte anna) taking a break on a cactus branch -- Arizona, USA
rsnelson45: Female Anna's Hummer
rsnelson45: Timeless charm of the Cotswolds
rsnelson45: Eiger and Monch from Murren
rsnelson45: Ready for landing!
rsnelson45: Alberta Fall Forest
rsnelson45: Dawn Patrol in Barcelona
rsnelson45: Bow River, Alberta
rsnelson45: Poinsettia
rsnelson45: Castle of the Moors -- Portugal
rsnelson45: South Face of Matterhorn
rsnelson45: Lisbon and the beauty of urban decay
rsnelson45: The Iconic Matterhorn
rsnelson45: No sense of scale in beautiful Switzerland
rsnelson45: Martini with much attitude
rsnelson45: Winter initiation in YEG this snowy morning
rsnelson45: Winter birds of Alberta
rsnelson45: A very old grape weigh scale
rsnelson45: The making of a Tawny Port