rsnelson45: Bow River, Alberta
rsnelson45: Matterhorn at Twilight
rsnelson45: Poinsettia
rsnelson45: Castle of the Moors -- Portugal
rsnelson45: South Face of Matterhorn
rsnelson45: Lisbon and the beauty of urban decay
rsnelson45: The Iconic Matterhorn
rsnelson45: No sense of scale in beautiful Switzerland
rsnelson45: Martini with much attitude
rsnelson45: Winter initiation in YEG this snowy morning
rsnelson45: Winter birds of Alberta
rsnelson45: A very old grape weigh scale
rsnelson45: The making of a Tawny Port
rsnelson45: Gatwick at Dawn
rsnelson45: LGW - Gatwick at the end of the runway
rsnelson45: Bridges of Portugal
rsnelson45: Pacheca Winery
rsnelson45: Matterhorn retake
rsnelson45: Always remember to look up!
rsnelson45: Bridges in the glow of morning mist -- Porto, Portugal
rsnelson45: Monastery of Serra do Pilar
rsnelson45: Bridge of Dom Luis I, Porto, Portugal
rsnelson45: Urban Decay in Porto. Portugal
rsnelson45: Night falling in Lisbon
rsnelson45: Moorish Castle Rampart, Portugal
rsnelson45: Streets of Lisbon
rsnelson45: Arches in Lisbon
rsnelson45: Ghost on the Street in Barcelona
rsnelson45: Stairs at the Grand Hotel, Montreux, Switzerland
rsnelson45: Grasses