davidhudson07: I'm just sitting watching flowers in the rain.
davidhudson07: Many rivers to cross.
davidhudson07: Architecture & Morality.
davidhudson07: Electric Warrior.
davidhudson07: Ashopton viaduct.
davidhudson07: Sea Holly.
davidhudson07: Haworth moor.
davidhudson07: Foxglove heaven.
davidhudson07: Spreading out.
davidhudson07: Trig point.
davidhudson07: Fishing
davidhudson07: When the snow came.
davidhudson07: Trig point and Great ridge.
davidhudson07: The last snow.
davidhudson07: Whitby.
davidhudson07: Summer scene.
davidhudson07: Winters afternoon.
davidhudson07: A walk in the woods.
davidhudson07: More colour.
davidhudson07: Crazy daisies.
davidhudson07: Wet Winter day.
davidhudson07: Stepping stones.
davidhudson07: The path.
davidhudson07: Autumn in Sheffield.
davidhudson07: Walking in Bronte country.
davidhudson07: Onward star,Whitby.
davidhudson07: Looking over Ladybower and Derwent Edge.
davidhudson07: Homeless.I am the one in ten a number on a list.I am the one in ten even though i don't exist.Nobody knows me though i'm always there,a statistic a reminder of a world that doesn't care.UB 40,1981.