davidhudson07: Out of the Fog
davidhudson07: On the forest floor.
davidhudson07: When the snow came.
davidhudson07: The weir in the woods.
davidhudson07: Mrs Beightons.
davidhudson07: One i took earlier.
davidhudson07: Beautiful Yorkshire.
davidhudson07: River Rivelin.
davidhudson07: Trig point.
davidhudson07: Last Autumn.
davidhudson07: Last Autumn.
davidhudson07: Peaky Blinders.
davidhudson07: Heather time.
davidhudson07: Across the Dark Peak.
davidhudson07: A path with a view.
davidhudson07: View from Rocher top.
davidhudson07: Crazy Daisies.
davidhudson07: Waiting for Spring.
davidhudson07: Saint Nicholas Church.
davidhudson07: View from Bamford edge.
davidhudson07: May blossoms.
davidhudson07: Spreading out.
davidhudson07: Stones that could tell a million tales.
davidhudson07: Foxglove heaven.
davidhudson07: Windy Bank Woods.
davidhudson07: Autumn Ferns.
davidhudson07: Serenity.
davidhudson07: Reflections.
davidhudson07: Wet Winter day.