Alvin-1983: Seagull flying in Rome
Alvin-1983: Aegina Island house entrance
Alvin-1983: Vespa motorcycle under flowers
Alvin-1983: Amaryllis flower
Alvin-1983: Athens sky with African dust
Alvin-1983: Swimming races
Alvin-1983: Flames
Alvin-1983: Acropolis of Athens by drone
Alvin-1983: My boy
Alvin-1983: Beer house decoration
Alvin-1983: Galini hotel Pefki - North Euboea
Alvin-1983: My small Nadia Comăneci
Alvin-1983: AEK ATHENS Championship winning celebration
Alvin-1983: Olympic Flame at Olympic Stadium
Alvin-1983: Olympic Velodrome from the side
Alvin-1983: Olympic Velodrome
Alvin-1983: Emptiness
Alvin-1983: Metro station Syntagma
Alvin-1983: Leopard 2 Hel, Greek army Tank
Alvin-1983: Sunday morning with kids
Alvin-1983: Protests in front of Hellenic Train offices B&W
Alvin-1983: Getting ready for protests at Hellenic Train offices