Blackoilblooded: Just a wall
Blackoilblooded: Sometimes there's gold in November
Blackoilblooded: Car autumn
Blackoilblooded: They roll down the path at night
Blackoilblooded: Two beauties
Blackoilblooded: Don't worry about the dust (it just makes you pretty)
Blackoilblooded: Lots more
Blackoilblooded: Residential blue hour
Blackoilblooded: October reeds
Blackoilblooded: Days are short now
Blackoilblooded: Gonna rain all night
Blackoilblooded: Korngatan
Blackoilblooded: Why not (park here)
Blackoilblooded: October Tuesday
Blackoilblooded: Solitude
Blackoilblooded: One of those moments
Blackoilblooded: Still green below grey sky
Blackoilblooded: 2021 getting old
Blackoilblooded: Roslagsgatan
Blackoilblooded: Posthusgatan
Blackoilblooded: The day got old
Blackoilblooded: Time to head home
Blackoilblooded: October pt 2
Blackoilblooded: October pt 3
Blackoilblooded: October pt 4