billraftery: RamapoLakePano2
billraftery: Old Water Wheel
billraftery: RamapoLakePano
billraftery: Forest Home
billraftery: DSC_0398ed
billraftery: A Little Adventure
billraftery: Maple Syrup Shack
billraftery: Aerator Rainbow
billraftery: Skeleton
billraftery: North Branch, Raritan River
billraftery: Red Mill, Clinton NJ Early 19th C.
billraftery: Grist Mill/Museum, Clinton NJ. Early 19th C.
billraftery: Gristmill, Waterloo Village
billraftery: Peter D. Smith House, Waterloo Village
billraftery: Morris Canal
billraftery: Blacksmith Shop, Waterloo Village
billraftery: Mallard in Flight
billraftery: DSC_0360ed
billraftery: DSC_0378ed
billraftery: DSC_0382ed
billraftery: DSC_0389ed
billraftery: Back to Nature
billraftery: DSC_0340ed
billraftery: The Geometry of Nature
billraftery: DSC_0354ed
billraftery: IMG_3293ed
billraftery: A Simple Flower
billraftery: DSC_0327ed
billraftery: 9/11 Remembered
billraftery: DSC_0309ed