Mr B Eyes open: It’s the little bits that we miss so much, the fragments & grains that make a day, moments that create a beautiful glaze upon our face. Being present as best you can you’ll understand that these are not to miss, they’re to be blessed as they’ll be missed
Mr B Eyes open: Looking out to yr light, I see moments of delight. Yr smile touches my face from a long distant space. I close my eyes I still feel yr smile. Warmth & grace you give in every space. Thankful am I to be here with you by my side as I don’t wish to hide
Mr B Eyes open: Some days you may have situations, that make you think & feel yr beached & aren’t going anywhere. Some days are all about acceptance & surrendering to it. It is as it is. Be present patient conscious then act & choose change patience or accept what is
Mr B Eyes open: Easter Sunday.,Easter blessings to one & all. Rest up & rest easy, lay up the daily cycles of yesterday’s routines. Time for you, yr beautiful family & friends. Easter feasts, Egg hunting & Easter bunting. Be present to yr light yr love & love one & all
Mr B Eyes open: Here I am, here I’m glad. No leaves yet still they please To see & sense the beauty in a tree near to the sea. Being lashed with forces of nature yet this has been its creator. Wind rain & spray, yet still they stay. Here I am, here I stand here I’m glad
Mr B Eyes open: #Sunrise I rise again & sit with the pain. Struggles amongst the rubble of myself falling down like a clown. Within the wreck I reflect & see whats left of me. Its not time to see & say the last goodbye. My light wants to try so I’ll abide. Never give up
Mr B Eyes open: Find a way to love yourself, to live yr life & find yr light to love yr life. No matter what type of day the universe plays. Follow yr dream, to stand in its light & beam. Light up yr life & love yourself to live & love yr life in the here & the now
Mr B Eyes open: They stand, holding each other’s hand, their life’s within each other’s finger tips. Feeling so alive from every moment lived & sensing that this is what true life is. To love another is like no other. Love is a gift, it gives our life’s such a lift
Mr B Eyes open: #Sunrise Yr the light the guides me, that’s beside me. The motion that takes me & at times breaks me. I see you in the flow & glow of life just so. All waters run, to one day become the oceans of the world, reaching, nourishing & touching all as one
Mr B Eyes open: Friends, family give clarity & create the beauty of humanity. Moments so precious & beautiful to them all time almost falls. A bond between them all as one light links them all. Their friendship, their companionship is the ship that’s defeats all storms
Mr B Eyes open: #Sunset Sunsets, all is at its best as we rest up & rest easy. Blending shades as the day starts to fade. The day you have is but a reflection & a collection of how you think & feel about yourself. Be the best version of yourself & live in the moment
Mr B Eyes open: #Sunset We walk in yr light, for our hearts to be stolen with yr precious love & light. To fill our souls with warmth & ease, as we walk in between the light we see & believe. Allowing the love & light to shine bright to all that’s in our sight
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