sun_project: IMG_20200119_144648_814
sun_project: 2020-01-18_06-46-42
sun_project: 2020-01-18_06-47-51
sun_project: ... shy sun.. ☀️
sun_project: This weekend, this beautiful, amazing, creative people and I will have the honour to expose in the Capella de Sant Sebastià in Sant Pere Pescador. We are so excited about it !! 🎨🎭️
sun_project: ... grow at your own pace...
sun_project: 2020-01-13_08-03-43
sun_project: ... what if trees refused to let go of their dying leaves?... ☀️🍃🍂.
sun_project: 2020-01-12_07-09-06
sun_project: DSC_0053
sun_project: 2020-01-12_07-19-38
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sun_project: IMG_20200111_085657_250
sun_project: IMG_20200111_085657_252
sun_project: ... little paw... 💙🐾
sun_project: Wild Coipú in action
sun_project: 2020-01-06_12-52-27
sun_project: From today, I decide to not colour my hair anymore... I start this journey for my own reasons. I want to be the best version of my self once i'm approaching to a new chapter of my life. And what a better moment than this one... the beggining of a New year
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sun_project: 2020-01-03_06-53-38
sun_project: 2020-01-03_06-52-19
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sun_project: DSC_0018
sun_project: 2019-12-30_08-05-54
sun_project: ... enough walking, it's time to fly... ☀️ 💙 ️
sun_project: 2019-12-30_08-05-22
sun_project: 2019-12-28_09-18-29
sun_project: ... end of the day...... relax and no regrets.. 🙌✨
sun_project: Magic xmas 🌠✨
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