busmender1964: Buzzard & its catch
busmender1964: Blackcap (female)
busmender1964: Its that time of year again !
busmender1964: A Buttercup Moment
busmender1964: Common Brown Butterfly
busmender1964: An Azure Damselfly
busmender1964: Vacated
busmender1964: Ashness Jetty, Derwentwater, Lake District, UK.
busmender1964: The Well Travelled Path
busmender1964: Dragonfly
busmender1964: A Four Spotted Chaser
busmender1964: Withered
busmender1964: Love Bugs
busmender1964: Tight Hold
busmender1964: Glorious Wales
busmender1964: Imposing
busmender1964: Just Chillin
busmender1964: Fledgling Robin
busmender1964: The Ogwen Valley
busmender1964: Calla Lily
busmender1964: Raindrops
busmender1964: Yellow & White
busmender1964: Water Lily
busmender1964: Sweet Nectar
busmender1964: Resting on something withered
busmender1964: Calla Lily in mono
busmender1964: Such Beauty
busmender1964: Peacock Butterfly