davebright1955: River Avon Malmesbury
davebright1955: Autumn Reflection
davebright1955: Autumn Colours
davebright1955: Fungi 14
davebright1955: Fungi 12
davebright1955: Fungi 13
davebright1955: Fungi 11
davebright1955: Fungi 10
davebright1955: Goldfinch
davebright1955: Autumn is coming - Castle Combe
davebright1955: Market Cross - Castle Combe
davebright1955: Decorated Doorway
davebright1955: Castle Combe
davebright1955: The Pig on the beach - Studland
davebright1955: Old Harrys Rocks viewed from Swanage
davebright1955: Lobster Pots Swanage
davebright1955: Beach Huts Swanage
davebright1955: Modern Beach Huts - Swanage
davebright1955: Archway Pig Hotel -Studland
davebright1955: Old Tractors
davebright1955: The Pinnacles -Dorset
davebright1955: St Lucas Leap Natural Arch - Dorset
davebright1955: Old Harry Rocks 1- Dorset