Pianojan: Come with me...
Pianojan: Sparkly Dew
Pianojan: Hidden in plain sight
Pianojan: Lost & found
Pianojan: Barnacles
Pianojan: I could just live in these woods...
Pianojan: Meeting in the middle
Pianojan: Pacific Wren
Pianojan: Trillium
Pianojan: Abbey, poodle/ cavalier cross
Pianojan: Grape Hyacinth
Pianojan: Brooklyn Creek
Pianojan: Brooklyn Creek
Pianojan: Bushtit
Pianojan: Skunk Cabbage
Pianojan: Fawn lily
Pianojan: Mack Laing
Pianojan: Salmonberry
Pianojan: Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Pianojan: Yellow-rumped Warbler
Pianojan: The Mossy Rock
Pianojan: Stopped in his tracks
Pianojan: Fawn Lilies
Pianojan: Barred Owl