Karppikala: Storm
Karppikala: Aurora borealis in Finnish Lapland
AZ Explorations: the last actor
s0340248: DSC17094 Sommer 2019
David Kracht: once upon a time ...
A U Bien: Heron Quays
bpaige393: Balloon At Sunset
Sketchbook0918: MIDDLE BACK SEAT
Dumby: În pustiul Bărăganului
heathertopping: IMG_4100 (2) - Sunrise
Ian Toms: 417 seconds sunset
Y. Oğuz: Turkish Stars ( XXV )
roland_tempels: Western Scheldt
adalbert70: Buszując w zbożu
Bob McLellan: Jack Darling Memorial Park
Jerry18969: DSC01651
Suzanne Haggerty: And It Just Comes Rolling In
im2fast4u2c: Peafowl
Christie : Colour & Light Collection: Nautical Nights - Steveston Fishing Village, BC
zayaspointofviewphotography1: Seattle Space Needle Sunrise -07-9817-20-
PascalCDP: Fronalpstock...
NikNak Allen: Our bridges
sharmsubbiah: Another lovely day
jeff.dugmore: Solitude
The_real_onepicaday: 無所得 - watching the clouds pass by
雨完玩人: 2020/7/16/R
Dis da fi we: Geese on the lake - Shobrooke park, Crediton, Devon - July 2020
Escala R: La Seine un matin de juillet 2020