phachnguyen45: Maria Kern. Berchtesgaden.
phachnguyen45: Start point of the trail to Obersee.
phachnguyen45: Obersee Phoenix photographer in action.
phachnguyen45: Konigsee and the trails on the mountain seen from the top of the Eaglenest.
phachnguyen45: Konigsee vieuw from the boat.
phachnguyen45: Konigsee seen from the boat.
phachnguyen45: Konigsee. Dream house on the foot of the mountain.
phachnguyen45: Boat house on Konigsee.
phachnguyen45: Phoenix photographer on the Almbachklamm gorge trail
phachnguyen45: Berchtesgaden and Rossfeld panoramastreet seen from a top of the mountain.-
phachnguyen45: Dream house on the hill.
phachnguyen45: Rossfeld Panoramastreet seen from the hill.
phachnguyen45: Berchtesgaden seen from Rossfeld Panoramastreet.
phachnguyen45: Waterfall in Almbachklamm gorge. Bachtesgaden NcFr -
phachnguyen45: The trail in Almbachklamm gorge. Berchtesgaden. ncFr-
phachnguyen45: Photographer on the trail to Almbachklamm gorge.
phachnguyen45: Berchtesgaden seen from Panorama street.
phachnguyen45: The trails in Almbachklamm gorge. Bẻchtesgaden. -
phachnguyen45: The trail on Almbachklamm gorge in Berchtesgaden. ncFr--2
phachnguyen45: Mountain gorge Almbachklamm in Berchtesgaden. summer 2019.-
phachnguyen45: Waterfall in Almbachklamm. Berchtesgaden. ncFr-
phachnguyen45: Neuschwanstein castle in the golden hours light. GaPa autumn 2018.
phachnguyen45: Konigsee seen from The eaglenest. . Berchtesgaden summer 2019.-
phachnguyen45: Photographer's dreaming moment on the top of The Eaglenest. -
phachnguyen45: A valley in Berchtesgaden. summer 2019.
phachnguyen45: Hintersee. Berchtesgaden summer 2019.
phachnguyen45: Waterfall in Almbachklamm gorge. Berchtesgaden. Germany 2019.
phachnguyen45: Sunset on the Salzburg riverside. Summer 2019
phachnguyen45: Hintersee in the morning. Berchtesgaden summer 2019.
phachnguyen45: Berchtesgaden valley seen from Eagle nest.