Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Grand Canyon: Lookout Studio - near the trailhead of Bright Angel Trail down to Colorado River
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Grand Canyon: Below the rim - the last section up on Bright Angel Trail as dawn begins to break
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Grand Canyon: find Trailhead of the Bright Angel Trail and as a serpentine route the upper (steep) section
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Grand Canyon: The Bright Angel Trail (9.9 miles / 15.5 km) is the most popular hiking trail from the south rim down to the Colorado River
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Grand Canyon: Mather Point near Grand Canyon Village - for most visitors to the South Rim, this is the first view into the world famous and fascinating canyon
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Grand Canyon: view to East - Yaki Point - and below the highest cliff the South Kaibab Trail down into the canyon can be seen
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Grand Canyon: Hance-Rapids from Moran Point - these rapids are notorious for being some of the largest and most difficult on the Colorado River, with more than 9 meters of drop over rocks; which is hard to guess from a distance.
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Grand Canyon: Unkar Rapids of Colorado River @ Cardenas Canyon, seen from Lipan Point
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Grand Canyon: The "Duck on a Rock" formation - really lives up to its name from this point of view
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Grand Canyon: Moran Point - The mesa with a climber - view to east
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Grand Canyon: The southernmost point on Grand Canyon's south rim is Grandview Point. Grandview is quite a high elevation point (2,260 m / 7,400 ft).
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Grand Canyon: near the dream destination - the sign at the eastern entrance on the way to Grand Canyon Village (US-64)
Traveller-Reini: Arizona/Utah - Oljato-Monument Valley: the imposing red rock towers "West Mitten Butte", "East Mitten Butte" and "Merrick Butte" (from left to right) - from the most famous view point
Traveller-Reini: Utah - Oljato-Monument Valley: shortly before arriving on US-163 South (here: near "Forrest Gump Hill" ) the world famous location welcomes its visitors with the impressive silhouette of the mesas
Traveller-Reini: Arizona/Utah - Oljato-Monument Valley: prepare for exploration of the unique landscape on property of the Navajo Nation
Traveller-Reini: Arizona/Utah - Oljato-Monument Valley: oops - a selfie - embarrassing, but I couldn't have resisted....
Traveller-Reini: Arizona/Utah - Oljato-Monument Valley: World famous - the magnificent landscape with table mountains and sandstone formations
Traveller-Reini: Arizona/Utah - Oljato-Monument Valley:On dusty paths over the Scenic Drive
Traveller-Reini: Arizona/Utah - Oljato-Monument Valley: Famous "Merrick Butte"
Traveller-Reini: Arizona/Utah - Oljato-Monument Valley: Famous "East Mitten Butte"
Traveller-Reini: Arizona/Utah - Oljato-Monument Valley: A must stop here - West Mitten Butte - a childhood dream was to visit this unique landscape. In the meantime I have been there several times and continue to be very impressed!
Traveller-Reini: Arizona/Utah - Oljato-Monument Valley: a first stop at the Navajo Welcome Center - left Sentinel Mesa
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Glen Canyon Dam & Lake Powell: the colors blue and red-brown dominate the impressive landscape
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Lake Powell: From the Glen Canyon Dam Bridge - see shadow on the dam wall - the view of the reservoir & red rock's is stunning.
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Lake Powell: Carl T. Hayden Visitor Center at the west end of the Glen Canyon Dam
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Lake Powell: The Colorado River cuts deeply into the Kaibab Plateau - View from the Carl T. Hayden Visitor Center (Glen Canyon Dam)
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Lake Powell: View from Glen Canyon Dam Visitor Center over the lake and the Red Rocks
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Lake Powell: Glen Canyon Dam Bridge is located about 270 m / 900 feet upstream from Glen Canyon Dam and spans an altitude of about 210 m / 700 feet above the gorge of the Colorado River
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Lake Powell: Wahweap Marina - silence - wait for spring...
Traveller-Reini: Arizona - Lake Powell: Boat ramp & parked houseboats