woodwindfarm: Pretty pose
woodwindfarm: Second sighting
woodwindfarm: Look up!
woodwindfarm: Across the sky
woodwindfarm: Perched and ready
woodwindfarm: Ready for winter
woodwindfarm: Another wet look
woodwindfarm: After the rain
woodwindfarm: Petal textures
woodwindfarm: Yet another backyard visitor
woodwindfarm: Another backyard find
woodwindfarm: Flash of yellow
woodwindfarm: Fly in the asters
woodwindfarm: They're baaack!
woodwindfarm: I see you
woodwindfarm: Up close and personal
woodwindfarm: Successful swallow
woodwindfarm: Got a big one!
woodwindfarm: Coot walk
woodwindfarm: Urban hunting
woodwindfarm: Dropped into clover (explored)
woodwindfarm: NOS House Sparrow capture
woodwindfarm: Lurking
woodwindfarm: Globes of refraction
woodwindfarm: inverted feeding
woodwindfarm: Diminishing population?
woodwindfarm: Watching closely
woodwindfarm: Got a treat
woodwindfarm: A wet day
woodwindfarm: Taking a stand