JuhaOnTheRoad: Soy factory owned by Cargill in Santarem
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2421
JuhaOnTheRoad: Soy beans leaving the Amazon
JuhaOnTheRoad: Emergency exit
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2429
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2430
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2431
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2433
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2442
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2448
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2453
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2456
JuhaOnTheRoad: Timber leaving the Amazon
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JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2463
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2464
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2465
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2469
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_8944
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2474
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2475
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2478
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2479
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_2480
JuhaOnTheRoad: Fish farming on Rio Tapajos
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JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_8965
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_8968
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_8969
JuhaOnTheRoad: IMG_E8949