JuhaOnTheRoad: New Year's morning
JuhaOnTheRoad: Snowy bush
JuhaOnTheRoad: Green tea
JuhaOnTheRoad: Mizusawa station street
JuhaOnTheRoad: Snowy Mizusawa
JuhaOnTheRoad: Morning in futon
JuhaOnTheRoad: Snow Yoko
JuhaOnTheRoad: Snow berries
JuhaOnTheRoad: Snow yard
JuhaOnTheRoad: Pine trees under snow
JuhaOnTheRoad: Tako stand
JuhaOnTheRoad: Octobus balls
JuhaOnTheRoad: Hot cakes
JuhaOnTheRoad: Waiting for the clock to strike
JuhaOnTheRoad: Receiving the new year
JuhaOnTheRoad: The shrine at midnight
JuhaOnTheRoad: New Year's spread
JuhaOnTheRoad: O-shogatsu kampai
JuhaOnTheRoad: O-mochi
JuhaOnTheRoad: Winter sun
JuhaOnTheRoad: The shrine gate
JuhaOnTheRoad: Snowy shrine
JuhaOnTheRoad: Selling charms
JuhaOnTheRoad: Yoko at the shrine
JuhaOnTheRoad: Crowded shrine
JuhaOnTheRoad: Lining up for prayers
JuhaOnTheRoad: Shrine maidens
JuhaOnTheRoad: New Year's hopes