JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05028
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05030
JuhaOnTheRoad: In the Atlantic surf
JuhaOnTheRoad: Surf and sand
JuhaOnTheRoad: The Atlantic is still cold
JuhaOnTheRoad: Yoko in the Atlantic surf
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05045
JuhaOnTheRoad: Under Atlantic sky
JuhaOnTheRoad: Steve on beach
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05052
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05067
JuhaOnTheRoad: It's summer!
JuhaOnTheRoad: Atlantic sands
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05075
JuhaOnTheRoad: Hammock
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05082
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05084
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05087
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05092
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05099
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05101
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05096
JuhaOnTheRoad: Blue Steve
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05137
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05126
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05128
JuhaOnTheRoad: Cherry Grove
JuhaOnTheRoad: DSC05130