WaveyDavey13: DSC_0189
adambarber1996: First South Yorkshire 66884 MX55HHO
The KDH archive: FMCbwslides035 North Western FDB569 Rhyl
curly42: 142096.
Adz7.: My new Roller
Robert Gadsdon: 1974 - '37 at the Abbey..
Wulfruna Kid: The Way We Were: Alstom Heritage 2003
Luke Agbaimoni (last rounds): Train Symmetry - Closer Crop- Surrey Quays
st_asaph: Glasgow Union Street
st_asaph: Golden Wheels
Lost-Albion: Gants Hill
BristolRE2007: Newport Transport JBO83W Newport 19th May 1992
53A Models: c.10/1984 - York.
53A Models: c.06/1970 - London (Kings Cross).
53A Models: c.07/1967 - York.
53A Models: 15/09/1980 - Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
53A Models: c.1980 - Heaton Lodge South Junction, Bradley, West Yorkshire.
53A Models: c.1981 - Hammerton Street (HS) Depot, Bradford, West Yorkshire.
53A Models: c.1981 - Westhouses (WT) TMD, Blackwell, Derbyshire.
Mega Anorak: Rossie Motors, Rossington: MHE50P in Doncaster
www.jhluxton.com - John H. Luxton Photography: L2014_1468 - "Sixty Years of Preservation - Our Railway Adventure" Gala Weekend - May 2014
Cogger: Whitehaven
Cogger: liner at Southampton
Cogger: Oslo - bergen express
big_jeff_leo: St Marys Sweet Shop in Ely
AlanP: 31411
Adz7.: Kit from Maisto
JH Stokes: 37418 'An Comunn Gaidhealach', Sutton Coldfield
TCD481J: MPN44 Midland Scottish WAS764V Leyland National NL116L11.1R new to Highland Scottish
bkp550: Cumberland MS 218 (OLS 809T), ex Kelvin Scottish