rrog035: Maumturk Mountains
rrog035: Dutch Light
rrog035: Dutch Polder
rrog035: Dutch Light II
rrog035: Eemnesser Polder II
rrog035: Fall 2019 II
rrog035: Fall 2019
rrog035: The Twelve Bens Mountain Range
rrog035: Caha Mountains
rrog035: Slopes of the Caha Mountains
rrog035: Glanmore Valley and Healy Pass
rrog035: Hungry Hill of the Caha Mountains
rrog035: Galway Cathedral
rrog035: Twelve Bens Mountain Range Panorama
rrog035: Sunrays over Bantry Bay
rrog035: Sunset over Bantry Bay
rrog035: Cliffs Sheep's Head Peninsula
rrog035: View from Top of Diamond Hill to Barnaderg Bay
rrog035: Doughruagh Hill and Kylemore Lough
rrog035: View on Seefin Hill from Sheep's Head Peninsula
rrog035: Derryclare Lough and Pine Island
rrog035: Maamturk Mountains Panorama B&W
rrog035: Kylemore Abbey
rrog035: Glanmore Valley Panorama
rrog035: The Twelve Bens Mountain Range
rrog035: Glanmore Lake and Caha Mountains
rrog035: Sheep's Head Peninsula
rrog035: Twelve Bens Mountains in Connemara
rrog035: Maamturk Mountains Connemara
rrog035: Pentax K-1 with Zeiss 21mm F2.8 ZF2