thrimby2002: Passing Settle Junction.
thrimby2002: Last light.
thrimby2002: Heading to Kimberley.
thrimby2002: The Drakensberg Express.
thrimby2002: Climbing from Orange River.
thrimby2002: Narrow gauge beast.
thrimby2002: A cheery wave.
thrimby2002: Nearing withdrawal.
thrimby2002: A substitute.
thrimby2002: Leaving York.
thrimby2002: Nearing York.
thrimby2002: A display of wild flowers.
thrimby2002: Coming from the coast.
thrimby2002: Empty biomass.
thrimby2002: Stock move.
thrimby2002: The unique Black Five.
thrimby2002: Only a few weeks left.
thrimby2002: Heading south.
thrimby2002: Heading north.
thrimby2002: Approaching Taunton.
thrimby2002: Leaving Taunton.
thrimby2002: Passing Taunton.
thrimby2002: Passing Aller Junction.
thrimby2002: Over the top.
thrimby2002: Low tide at Cockwood.
thrimby2002: Bluebell time.
thrimby2002: Horbury Cutting.
thrimby2002: Turkish super power.
thrimby2002: Big country.
thrimby2002: Swedish built.