fotoquotidian: 12 variations
fotoquotidian: Take me
fotoquotidian: Coffee or chocolate
fotoquotidian: Outside
fotoquotidian: Fathomless
fotoquotidian: Dreamer
fotoquotidian: Cold days
fotoquotidian: Street one
fotoquotidian: Heavenly
fotoquotidian: Rose in the spiral
fotoquotidian: New for you
fotoquotidian: Stone layers
fotoquotidian: Into the light
fotoquotidian: Come on!
fotoquotidian: ....1....2..3
fotoquotidian: ready to go
fotoquotidian: Dodge Coronet
fotoquotidian: Bonneville
fotoquotidian: Black rose
fotoquotidian: Wooden ball
fotoquotidian: Into the light
fotoquotidian: Car-dream
fotoquotidian: Who you are?
fotoquotidian: Miracle of light
fotoquotidian: Margerite