steve.gombocz: Street Entertainment in York.
steve.gombocz: Mr & Mrs. Goldeneye!
steve.gombocz: Tank full!
steve.gombocz: Autumn colour, Derwent Water, Cumbria.
steve.gombocz: Curious Greenfinch!
steve.gombocz: Thirsty work!!
steve.gombocz: Wigeon, a lovely bird!
steve.gombocz: Steaming ahead up hill!
steve.gombocz: Distant Crummock Water, Cumbria.
steve.gombocz: The Engine Room!
steve.gombocz: Waxwing
steve.gombocz: The Last Train of the day.
steve.gombocz: Mediterranean Gull
steve.gombocz: Gate view to Wast Water screes.
steve.gombocz: Life is a Balancing Act!
steve.gombocz: Individulistic shops, Leeds Corn Exchange.
steve.gombocz: Waxwing, having a drink.
steve.gombocz: Leeds Corn Exchange
steve.gombocz: Waiting for Guests.
steve.gombocz: Nether Beck, Wast Water, Cumbria
steve.gombocz: Metal Shavings from Bury Steam Engine Works.
steve.gombocz: A place to sit, College Street, York.
steve.gombocz: Leaving Ramsbottom City of Wells
steve.gombocz: Stonechat
steve.gombocz: Over Beck into Wast Water.
steve.gombocz: Grey Pharlarope
steve.gombocz: Just had a bath!
steve.gombocz: Wast Water shore, Cumbria.
steve.gombocz: I'm not picking the Ball up!
steve.gombocz: The Uncoupling.