jasonbillings677: Asian beetle
jasonbillings677: Letchworth State Park. New York
jasonbillings677: Letchworth State Park. New York
jasonbillings677: Drew drops on the web
jasonbillings677: Green Bottle Fly
jasonbillings677: Reflection
jasonbillings677: Dinner time
jasonbillings677: Zebra Jumping spider
jasonbillings677: Yellow and Black spider with all its brothers and sisters.
jasonbillings677: An American House Spider
jasonbillings677: Fragile beauty
jasonbillings677: Leaf in Snow
jasonbillings677: The last of the summers Sunflowers
jasonbillings677: Milky way Humphry road looking north
jasonbillings677: Emerald jumping spider
jasonbillings677: After the rain
jasonbillings677: Sunset by the lake
jasonbillings677: Rain drops
jasonbillings677: rain drop
jasonbillings677: Butler Gymnasium, St. Bonaventure university
jasonbillings677: Windfall Sunset
jasonbillings677: Fog in the valleys
jasonbillings677: Water falls at the Glen
jasonbillings677: Sun Flowers