spennydave: Trees on the hill
spennydave: Wolsingham moor
spennydave: Wolsingham North Moor
spennydave: Frosted apple
spennydave: Sunset at Croxdale woods
spennydave: Old Chapel at Croxdale
spennydave: The last one
spennydave: Raindrops
spennydave: Late afternoon sun
spennydave: End of the season
spennydave: Perfectly calm
spennydave: mallard ..?
spennydave: Holly
spennydave: Common earthball
spennydave: Sulphur tuft fungus
spennydave: Down the lane
spennydave: Shaggy inkcap
spennydave: Fungus
spennydave: River Derwent
spennydave: Wharnley burn Allensford
spennydave: River Derwent Cormorant
spennydave: Russula mushroom
spennydave: The whole family
spennydave: Three woodland mushrooms
spennydave: Egg for breakfast
spennydave: Waskerley Beck Wolsingham
spennydave: Deserted farmhouse
spennydave: Another moorland sheep
spennydave: Talking about the old days
spennydave: So I'm about here .. car must be ...