spennydave: Singing in the rain
spennydave: Autumn colour on banks of River Wear
spennydave: Wonder what the story is behind this
spennydave: Abandoned Church in Durham city
spennydave: Looking down on Tunstall reservoir
spennydave: End of summer
spennydave: Autumn
spennydave: Red Iris
spennydave: Better than pointing downwards
spennydave: Just that sky
spennydave: 12th Century chapel now unused
spennydave: Peace and quiet
spennydave: Back to the lone tree
spennydave: Sea front Beach huts
spennydave: Bramble rust
spennydave: Redcar Steel works in distance
spennydave: Seaton Carew beach
spennydave: Power to the people
spennydave: Through the Looking glass
spennydave: A couple of acorns
spennydave: View from Hill End quarry
spennydave: Looking across the valley
spennydave: Crumbling Farmhouse at Bollihope common
spennydave: Storm clouds over Hen house
spennydave: Is this the new normal
spennydave: Early signs of Autumn
spennydave: Light at the end of tunnel
spennydave: Boathouse on the river Wear
spennydave: Viola colour mix
spennydave: Viola colours