daniwaage: connection
daniwaage: valentine
daniwaage: warm
daniwaage: presleytito
daniwaage: sleepysaturday
daniwaage: soulmates
daniwaage: illuminated
daniwaage: In the dark.
daniwaage: 20171003_8545
daniwaage: Clicked the shutter and with that the day was done.
daniwaage: Dunkin.
daniwaage: Another day in the books. PEACE.
daniwaage: Hard to see the big picture when you're hung up on the details.
daniwaage: Even super heroes need a little break.
daniwaage: So tender the connection between sisters.
daniwaage: nature
daniwaage: Natural beauty.
daniwaage: Lets teach our children to stand up for equality...no matter.
daniwaage: Equality implies individuality.
daniwaage: Mothers day
daniwaage: fierce
daniwaage: 20160425_5602
daniwaage: sisters.
daniwaage: Our TRIBE
daniwaage: 20170503_6670
daniwaage: 20170503_6670-2
daniwaage: a look
daniwaage: Selah.
daniwaage: The secrets of my soul are whispering again.
daniwaage: Its not good bye. Its see you later. We love you Hogan.