snow41: Fabulous Fatsia blooms in November.
snow41: Fall colored leaves in May
snow41: A friends newly painted house
snow41: Colorful foliage on canna lilies
snow41: Ready for a Halloween Luncheon
snow41: Bunny and Mum
snow41: Looking toward Asheville before clouds cover all
snow41: Last of the magnolia pods shedding seeds
snow41: Colorful tree at SC Home at Montreat
snow41: Brad with his black snake
snow41: Pretty white decorated pumpkins at Harbor Chase Home
snow41: Cotton Balls up close
snow41: Autumn color in Food Lion parking lot but looks more like Spring
snow41: The cotton field back home
snow41: Man fixing the transformer behind our house.
snow41: Strange leaves on my drought stricken tomato plant
snow41: Blue parakeet at Gracious living --adult day care
snow41: Standing in a basket surrounded by toys
snow41: Mountain Man and his two babies
snow41: Flowers from my garden in June
snow41: Carnation at Wendys
snow41: Galaxy 500 at Food Lion A long long car.
snow41: Blooming Angel Wing prized plant
snow41: Halloween party white pumpkins
snow41: Pretty purple/white iris
snow41: Geometry --Ocean Reef Hotel in Myrtle Beach SC
snow41: Peachy daybreak sunrise at Myrtle Beach, SC
snow41: "Gold nuggets" by the fence
snow41: Plantation Rd in the snow
snow41: My Hibiscus plant