snow41: Gardenias by the window--first blooms
snow41: Hanging on ---behind the pontoon boat
snow41: Eggplant blossom
snow41: My son on Pontoon boat
snow41: I finally caught a butterfly with open wings.
snow41: Chicken Paws ---want some?
snow41: Roses and stokesia from my garden
snow41: Gazebo at Blowing Rock Park
snow41: Keep out of the playground
snow41: Hydrangeas near a birdhouse
snow41: Betty Boop is looking at you with her special eye lashes
snow41: Yellow glad with fire overlay
snow41: Peaches from Gaffney, SC
snow41: Tiger Lily
snow41: Enjoying the fire pit but not the view
snow41: Easter Lilies under the banana tree
snow41: A cool blue and lavender mosaic
snow41: Sit down and enjoy the view Explore #20
snow41: Children cutting the grass in rural Uganda
snow41: Stokesia
snow41: Ready to reveal
snow41: Window Mosaic -2
snow41: I am seeing spots before my eyes.
snow41: Bench at Swan Lake
snow41: Field of golden dreams.
snow41: Different kinds of building
snow41: Lady Banksia rose
snow41: Fuzzy--wuzzy sedum at UNCC
snow41: Unfurled fern frond
snow41: Pretty purple orchid