johaennesy: Mushrooms Peaking Through the Moss
johaennesy: Tiny Mushrooms
johaennesy: Sunrise through the Alley
johaennesy: Purple Fungus
johaennesy: Evening Glow in the Forrest
johaennesy: Meadow Detail
johaennesy: Sunrise in the foggy Ruhr-meadows
johaennesy: Fence in the sunrise
johaennesy: Sunrise over the Ruhr
johaennesy: Foggy Morning at the Ruhr
johaennesy: Duckweed
johaennesy: Meadow with Tree in the Distance
johaennesy: Cat and door
johaennesy: Morning Train
johaennesy: Sahara Sand in the Atmosphere
johaennesy: 130er Denkmal
johaennesy: Sunrise at the wintery Ruhr Valley
johaennesy: Winter at the Ruhr
johaennesy: Reflection in the Mist
johaennesy: White Leaf
johaennesy: Tiny Mushroom
johaennesy: Serenity
johaennesy: Fence in the Fog
johaennesy: Aligned Sunset
johaennesy: Sunrise over the Ruhr Valley
johaennesy: Fern in Autumn
johaennesy: Red Hat in the woods
johaennesy: Red Dot
johaennesy: Sunrise over the Ruhr Valley
johaennesy: Upside Down