tuffgrass 63: Woody on the feeder enjoying the late evening sunshine.
Blade Dancer Imagery: _1049456-DN-sig
austindca: crane fly
SDRPhoto321: Heron, Highway, Railway (more photos in comments)
Nancy Rose: Are you following me??
Sebastian Morweiser: Leptidea sp. (Tintenfleck Weißling)
jeanjoyerot: Coccinelle et lavande
Roland B43: Cosy but empty at the golden hour
seppomie: Gonepteryx rhamni - Gonepteryx rhamni
Josef...: softly
Zoom58.9: In the dunes
Hildegard Spickenbaum: togetherness
Karsten Gieselmann: Where is she?
g.femenias: Gallets (Serapias parviflora)
andrew.8: deep in the woods
Dhina A: Flowering quince
Petra Runge: Lerchensporn
wjpostma: Oranjetipje
_Nurnpaarbilder_: Raupenfliege
~Cess~: Between shadow and light
david t ruddock: The green green grass/forest of Home
Albert Wirtz @ Landscape and Nature Photography: *La Palma @ Spring Forest Panorama*
Excalibur67: Butinage
Hans Zitzler: Caltha palustris
MadCat17: Fauvette à tête noire
davolly59: Greylag goose Scientific name: Anser anser
Karsten Höhne: Es Blüht
Linda Martin Photography: Greylag Gosling