Passionfoto: September sky by the water
Passionfoto: Natural garden in no 15
Passionfoto: Natural garden in no 15 black and white
Passionfoto: Blue boat, heavy clouds and Power Lines
Passionfoto: Funen landscape with cows
Passionfoto: The house behind the high hedge
Passionfoto: Untraditional meeting place
Passionfoto: Flowers and lamps
Passionfoto: Bridge
Passionfoto: Street with green environment
Passionfoto: One-way street
Passionfoto: Mark Flower
Passionfoto: A sculpture and two trees
Passionfoto: Exhibition guests
Passionfoto: Please do not leave trash here
Passionfoto: On the trail of old technology
Passionfoto: On the road to change
Passionfoto: Lonely street
Passionfoto: Lonely street I
Passionfoto: Groendtorvet
Passionfoto: Small opening
Passionfoto: Flower decoration
Passionfoto: A very old railing
Passionfoto: Rainbow kayaks
Passionfoto: Stairs
Passionfoto: Setting in the park
Passionfoto: Ceramic in number ten
Passionfoto: Old wine on new bottles
Passionfoto: Tobacco leaves for drying
Passionfoto: Odense city center