Passionfoto: Male lion in Odense Zoo 1973
Passionfoto: decorations in rainy weather
Passionfoto: The amphitheater in rainwether
Passionfoto: Christmas decorations
Passionfoto: Sunrise over New OUH
Passionfoto: The Christmas tree in the town hall square
Passionfoto: Christmas Market
Passionfoto: Christmas Market Odeon
Passionfoto: Annecy VIII
Passionfoto: Annecy VII
Passionfoto: Annecy VI
Passionfoto: Annecy V
Passionfoto: Annecy IX
Passionfoto: Annecy IV
Passionfoto: Annecy
Passionfoto: Annecy III
Passionfoto: Annecy II
Passionfoto: Black Friday
Passionfoto: Notre-Dame de Reims
Passionfoto: Happy nuns at Piazza Navona
Passionfoto: Piazza della Cisterna
Passionfoto: Alpen Blick
Passionfoto: Lausanne (original)
Passionfoto: Lausanne
Passionfoto: Rainy weather in Goslar
Passionfoto: Purchasing power
Passionfoto: Stone and seaweed
Passionfoto: Once Norway - now Denmark
Passionfoto: Summer evening in San Gimignano
Passionfoto: You're not alone BW