RuudMorijn-NL: Banks of a wide Dutch river
RuudMorijn-NL: Portrait of a red mature cow in a sunny Dutch meadow
RuudMorijn-NL: Menacing clouds above a Dutch polder
RuudMorijn-NL: Long flower beds with colorful ornamental cabbage plants
RuudMorijn-NL: Wet ornamental cabbages from close
RuudMorijn-NL: Wet ornamental cabbages from close
RuudMorijn-NL: Dewy asparagus plants with one red berry from close
RuudMorijn-NL: Typical Dutch polder landscape
RuudMorijn-NL: Largely sunken boat with duckweed and mess
RuudMorijn-NL: Large blooming sunflower between other wild plants
RuudMorijn-NL: Budding sunflowers from close
RuudMorijn-NL: An apple a day....
RuudMorijn-NL: Boat rental in the Old Marina
RuudMorijn-NL: One curiously looking sheep
RuudMorijn-NL: Tiendgorzen nature reserve on the South Holland island of Hoeksche Waard
RuudMorijn-NL: Flowering field milk thistle between harvest ripe onions
RuudMorijn-NL: Cultivation of leaf celery in long converging rows
RuudMorijn-NL: Large field with orange flowering African Marigold plants
RuudMorijn-NL: Man and woman sailing with a sloop
RuudMorijn-NL: On top of a dyke
RuudMorijn-NL: After plowing the grain stubble field
RuudMorijn-NL: Picturesque rural Dutch landscape
RuudMorijn-NL: Former pumping station De Oude Horn located on the Culemborgse Vliet near the Dutch village of Acquoy
RuudMorijn-NL: Old brick factory
RuudMorijn-NL: Krammer wind farm and western entrance to the Krammer lock complex
RuudMorijn-NL: Biodiversity in a Dutch nature reserve
RuudMorijn-NL: Purple Loosestrife and yellow flowering Common Fleabane in a nature reserve
RuudMorijn-NL: Budding and flowering Artichoke plants
RuudMorijn-NL: Vista between the trees
RuudMorijn-NL: Yellowed Dutch nature reserve