memories-in-motion: Get the Spirit
photosauraus rex: Rufous Hummingbird
Tobias Glodde: Still live with fruit and food Palais du Tau, Reims, France
Eric Gofreed: Cinnamon teal-3237-Edit
Maxime Légaré-Vézina: Lièvre d'Amérique - Snowshoe hare
Damian_Ward: Millennium Stone No. 2
Cerratín (Off for some days): Una presencia imponente
James Webb Space Telescope: A Galactic Treasury: NGC 1559
sus@: Februar
Marie Brown Cottage Garden: Immature (Dark lored) White Crowned Sparrow
Andrea Moscato: Damrak - Amsterdam (Netherlands)
David Marriott - Sydney: Nyhavn reflections || Copenhagen {Explore 222, 2024/2/26}
Silke Klimesch: Neon Speed
Gary Fairhead: Winter Wings
Aurélien BERNARD: Kerlingarfjöll
andreas_fery: Tannenmeise - Coal tit (Periparus ater) Icelandic Waterfall Escape
Hans Kruse Photography: Morning time at Aci Trezza
Tina Sosna: When there is silence we start to relive the moments, we dwell in memories we try to push aside. We feel and feel until we fall asleep...
Phil Gower Bird Photography: Gadwall (URN: 2286)
Peter Quinn1: Last Light at Wastwater
hjuengst: Gießenbachklamm
Blende1.8: Up through the tube
DJOBurton: Ramsau (DSC06287-2)
Corinaldesi Roberto: Winter solitudes