watcher330: must be Wednesday
watcher330: giving it a go
watcher330: not beyond the line
watcher330: moving at pace
watcher330: watching the world go by
watcher330: habitue
watcher330: market day
watcher330: a quick break to read the paper
watcher330: any old corner will do
watcher330: nearing the end
watcher330: to the market
watcher330: morning coffee
watcher330: ownership unclear
watcher330: in passing
watcher330: off the beaten track
watcher330: sunset
watcher330: meeting up
watcher330: evening exercise
watcher330: evening sun
watcher330: evening wait
watcher330: window shopping
watcher330: before the weather changed
watcher330: left outside
watcher330: maybe the way to go
watcher330: orange doesn't work
watcher330: the postman calling
watcher330: always a mug in hand
watcher330: hail during coffee
watcher330: clear space